Height: 1,76 m
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown/blonde
Languages: German (mothertongue), French (mothertongue), Italian (fluent), English (fluent)


Acting (Stanislavski/Strasberg)
• 2002—2003 Actors Center Rome, Michael Margotta (Actors Studio NY)
• 2003—2005 International Acting School Rome (Diploma)
• 2009 Camera Actors Studio, iSFF Berlin

• Giorgina Cantalini: Building a Character
• Lena Lessing (Berlin/Rome): Acting for the Camera
• Lena Lessing : Meisner Technique
• Elizabeth Kemp (MFA/Actors Studio NY): Character work
• Elizabeth Kemp: Character dream work (2004—today, attending once a year)
• Alessio Bergamo: Physical actions and Etjud

Voice training and singing
• Margaret Assmuth ,Kristin Linklater technique
• Mary Setrakian (NYC)

Breathing techniques
• Natsuko Ohama

Movement Studies
• Giovanna Sumo

Modern Dance
• Teri J. Weikel


• 2010 "Tobi und der Knuddelmann", Lead, directed by Ütz M. Stöcklow,
  Vivàsvan Pictures, Luma Pictures, Germany
• 2009 „The Shadow“, Lead, directed by Nizana Rabinovitz, Germany
• 2006 "Beautiful Child", Lead, directed by Fabrizio Chiesa, mangusta productions, US
• 2005 "Bites", Supporting Role, directed by Giuseppe Asaro, west riding productions, US/Italy
• 2003 "Gli indesiderabili", directed by Pasquale Scimeca, Digitalfilm productions, Italy

• AD Genereation, "Nico" directed by Ian Sutton, Theatro Sala Uno, Rome
• "The terrorist", directed by Shraroo Khereadman,Theatro Sala Uno, Rome
• "Le Troiane", "Helen of Troy", by Euripides, directed by Giorgina Cantalini
• "Il Marinaio", "Seconda vegliatrice", by Pessoa, directed by Francesco Randazzo
• "Cuba!", directed by Esnedy Milan-Herrera

• 2010 Lenor (International Market)
• 2010 Mac Donald's


• Modern dance, classical dance, juggeling, shooting, Yoga, riding, skiing